Remove Wifi from Schools and Public Facilities

On May 31, 2011, the WHO/IARC (World Health Organization, International Agency For Research On Cancer) officially classified electromagnetic fields from non-ionizing, radiation emitting devices as a Class 2 B Carcinogen.   This means, “may cause cancer in humans”.  Thus, non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation joins a prestigious list of other Class 2 B Carcinogens including but not limited to: lead, dioxin, DDT, chloroform, ethylbenzene and HIV.

Installing WIFI in schools dangerously exposes both our children and staff to a known potential human carcinogen for over 120 hours per month at minimum.  This constitutes a total of over 14,352 hours of whole body, involuntary, blatantly unethical, exposure to carcinogenic non-ionizing, microwave radiation from grades K-12.

Exposing the public to WIFI both in and out of the classroom violates our basic Constitutional rights to life and a parent’s obligation to protect their child.

The following court cases support the removal of WIFI from schools and other places;

People v. Pierson, 176 NY 201, 68 NE 243 (1903):  Children have the right to be free from ill health and death,

Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 US 390 (1923). In 1923:  The Supreme Court first recognized family autonomy and the right of parents to control the upbringing of their children.

Prince v. Massachusetts, 321 US 158, 15 (1944):  In 1944, the Supreme Court recognized the custody, care and nurture of the child reside first in the parents, whose primary function and freedom include preparation for obligations the state can neither supply nor hinder (emphasis added).  And it is in recognition of this that these decisions have respected the private realm of family life which the state cannot enter.

Troxel v. Granvill, 530 US 75,66 (2000):  In 2000, the Supreme Court held: In light of this extensive precedent, it cannot now be doubted that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decision concerning the care, custody and control of their children.

Our children’s Constitutional rights to life, liberty and procreation under the Fifth Amendment are being denied by being forcibly irradiated via WIFI while attending school and utilizing other areas designated for public use.

Parent’s rights to basic rights and liberties under the Fourteenth Amendment regarding care and control of our children’s health and their continued well being are being violated by schools that use WIFI.

Non-carcinogenic and safe internet access is readily available through hard wired means and should be deployed immediately to replace the carcinogenic, wireless, infrastructure of WIFI in the school.

The use of WIFI in facilities and buildings utilized by the pubic; such as hospitals, libraries, coffee shops. etc., involuntarily exposes both children and the adults to this carcinogen.  The use of WIFI in a hospital setting – where people go to heal – is contradictory to the purpose of the hospital.  WIFI in the workplace involuntarily and unnecessarily exposes employees to this potential carcinogen and for prolonged periods of time, causing health care bills to skyrocket and both quality of life and lifespan to be diminished.  Further, there has been no notification to the public about the various health hazards of WIFI, thus there is no informed consent.

In addition to cancer, thousands of independent, published, peer-reviewed scientific studies confirm this radiation causes adverse health effects such as migraines, attention difficulties, hyperactivity, learning problems, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, heart arrhythmia, asthma, shortness of breath, allergies, chronic illness, blood sugar fluctuations, muscle spasms, muscle aches, joint pain, distorted vision and hearing, tinnitus, mood and behavior changes, anxiety, depression, skin rashes, numbness, tingling, sleep difficulties, night sweats, weakness and fatigue.  As a result of these confirmed adverse effects to human health, WIFI is being removed from schools, hospitals, libraries and other public institutions overseas.  Chronic, cumulative exposure can lead to life-threatening health problems such as blood-brain barrier leakage, dementia, leukemia, brain tumors, other cancers, diabetes, birth defects, DNA damage, sterility and more.

People who are at greater risk from this radiation include children, the elderly, people taking medications, people with medical implants (pacemakers, metal rods/pins, metal fillings, braces, etc.), those with electrohypersensitivity, environmental illness such as multiple chemical sensitivity and people with chronic illness or pre-existing medical conditions.

The FCC is a regulatory agency charged with regulating airwaves–they are not a public health agency yet have been “granted” purview over public health and safety.  Scientists agree the safety standards are completely outdated, not biologically-based  and were not developed with non-thermal mechanisms of harm such as pulse modulation, frequency and low power density in mind.  The FDA admits they do not evaluate the safety of wireless, radiation-emitting devices.  The EPA has no program in place to address the safety of wireless communications.  Therefore, no one at the federal level is engaged in any activity to insure public safety when it comes to wireless devices such as WIFI.

WIFI experimentation without informed consent is a violation of international law per the Nuremburg Code regarding experiments on human populations.

WIFI is a matter of convenience, not necessity.  Anything that can be done with WIFI can be done safely and more securely with hardwired computer connections.  In light of the WHO/IARC classification of this radiation as a CLASS 2B CARCINOGEN and the failure of our federal government agencies to protect public health regarding non-ionizing radio frequency emissions, we the undersigned call upon our representatives to take immediate action to protect our citizens by mandating the removal of WIFI from all schools, hospitals, libraries, and other buildings utilized by the public.

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