Immediate Opt-Out and Ban on Smart Meters

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WIRELESS “SMART” METERS ARE DANGEROUS RADIATION-EMITTING DEVICES that are being forced on the public by the utility companies. Along with immediate opt outs for people who currently have “smart” or wireless meters on their homes/businesses, we call for the immediate halt to the nationwide rollout and abandonment of this dangerous technology.

The WHO/IARC (World Health Organization, International Agency For Research On Cancer) ruled electromagnetic fields from non-ionizing radiation emitting devices, a Class 2 B CARCINOGEN, which means may cause cancer in humans, joining a list including but not limited to: lead, dioxin, chloroform, ethylbenzene and HIV.

Paid for by our tax dollars and an increase in utility rates, “smart” meters (otherwise known as Advanced Digital Electronic Meters and other various new names industry now tries to disguise them under) are being forced on the public by the utility companies with no temporary opt outs available until we can get this dangerous technology banned. For public health and safety, we need to retain and restore our analog meters, which have been proven totally safe, reliable.

No consumers have been informed in writing, prior to installation, of the serious possible health consequences of these meters before installation. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with compromised immune system and medical implants are most vulnerable, although all populations can suffer deleterious health effects

Upon installation, people report sleep problems, headaches, ringing in the ears, heart problems, dizziness, nausea, cognitive problems, and other physical ailments.

The following health effects have been documented in studies of non-ionizing radiation, utilized by smart meters: DNA breaks, cancer, endocrine disruption, birth defects, sterility, heart arrhythmia, learning impairment, ADD/ADHD, headache, fatigue and sleep disturbance.

Dozens of towns, cities, counties and states have opposed wireless “smart” meter installation for a variety of reasons, including health and safety, skyrocketing electric bills, electrical fires, problems with privacy/hacking/security and electronic interference with other wireless equipment and medical devices.

The “smart” meters operate in mesh networks, transmitting radiation in millisecond pulses many times a minute throughout the day and night. It is continuous exposure 24/7 and the public is not being informed of this.

Other serious issues with wireless meters include fire hazard, invasion of privacy, and hacking! Every customer’s personal usage will be known, harvested and marketed. Ultimate success of the grid is dependent upon full compliance by the consumers in purchasing all new appliances that will have wireless RFID chips in them to interface from within your own home to the smart meter. We must insist our appliances do not have wireless radiation emitting devices in them and purchase only older equipment from now on until manufacturers, corporations and our government respect people’s rights to have a safe, radiation free environment with our privacy fully intact.

As an “opt-out” some utilities have proposed a “powered-down” “smart” meter. This is not an opt-out, since there is still a wireless smart meter on your home and will have virtually the same harmful effects. We want safe, analog, meters, not “powered down” wireless meters.

If too many people opt out, the utilities companies have vowed to put a repeater in your neighborhood (it could even be on a utility pole right outside your window) which boosts the signal and emits even more intense radio frequency radiation! REPEATERS in our neighborhoods are also unacceptable!

The utilities companies are proposing to charge people hundreds of dollars per year to opt out. This is tantamount to extortion. We should not have to pay one penny to keep cancer and other serious health effects out of our lives and carcinogenic smart meters, repeaters or signal boosters out of our neighborhoods!

We call for the immediate halt to the nationwide rollout or “smart” or wireless meters immediate ability for the public to switch already installed, carcinogenic, wireless radiation-emitting meters with analog meters and the abandonment of this dangerous technology.



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